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I believe everyone is a reader.

I believe everyone is a writer.

I believe words have the power to heal.

I believe words are the key to success.

The pillars of my work are:

listening, thinking, and creating. 

I provide a wide range of services, because I
am on a mission to help YOU express 

your best self on the page,
whatever page that may be.




"Lizzy has tutored my kids for over two years. 

She is patient, engaging, smart,
responsible, and kind. 

Few examples:

- Lizzy helped when my 6th grader was having a meltdown because he could not figure out how to get started on his writing project;

- Lizzy prepared fourth grader for his ISEE test and essay (admitted to the school as a result);

- Lizzy switched to Zoom, and managed to keep a very impatient third grader engaged during the school shutdown of 2020."

-Alla K

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I am a High School English teacher with over a decade of teaching
and tutoring experience. I hold a B.A. in English (University of Maryland, College Park) and will be completing my M.A. in the Teaching of English at Columbia University Teachers College (2020). I participated in Kenyon College’s Writing Workshop in 2017 and have led creative writing workshops at The Creative Alliance in Baltimore. 

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