Writing Workshops

Unleash the Writer Within: Creative Writing for the Soul


Express yourself, beat boredom, and learn a new skill in this 8-week virtual course!


What You Get:

-Pre-recorded video lessons

-Writing exercises & assignments

-Readings & samples

-Live group video chats (Q+A/Shares)

-Individualized feedback on the first two pages of any piece 

-Peer feedback from a small cohort


Topics Include:

-Introduction to Creative Writing

-Purposeful Ambiguity

-Sensory Details






Unleash the Memoir Within


Delve deeper into your soul, develop previously written pieces, and explore new writing potential in this 7 week course. 


What You Get:

-Pre-recorded videos explaining each week’s assignment 

-Seven unique writing prompts

-Live group video chats (Q+A/Shares)

-Peer feedback from a small cohort

-Individualized feedback on the first two pages of each course assignment 

-Individualized feedback on any two pages of any seven previously written pieces


Each week will focus on a single personal reflection prompt. Seven creative writing prompts will ask you to consider your relationship with yourself and the world around you. The class will also offer writers an opportunity to receive feedback on any seven previously written pieces. 


In addition, the course will offer a review of useful writing strategies, such as:

-Crafting the Setting & Tone

-Using Imagery & Sensory Detail

-Starting from the Middle (In Medias Res)

-Employing Humor/Satire

Unleash the Book Within:

Stop procrastinating and finally start writing that book in this 5 week virtual course! Join an intimate cohort of budding authors for writing encouragement and constructive feedback. Receive individual written comments.

-Week 1: Define Your Vision
-Week 2: Create Your Sketch
-Week 3: Develop Your Content
-Week 4: Explain Your Why
-Week 5: Write the First Chapter 

Unleash the Writer Within MasterClass (3 in 1 bundle) available. Contact me for more information.